(Note, the $500 prize was donated back and 10 others won because of it):

NameDeed numberPrizeAmount Paid
Donated back981st Pile$0
Rosa McGrathX932nd Pile$200
Beverly EnosT1733rd Pile$100
Ken Hayes258drawer$50
Rami IssaY117drawer$50
Dianne Brennan127drawer$50
Nick Michel171drawer$50
Paul Thompson4534th pile$50
Carol Anne O’Leary87drawer$50
Haley Dumont103drawer$50
Sean Mckillop640drawer$50
Chris Fraser123drawer$50
Andrew Fraser5305th pile$50

Alan Aulson, Grand Knight of the Frank Meader Council 6064 Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization dedicated to support the community and parish will be working with the Knights and many local organizations to revive the “Now an Then” Festival to be held on Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021 in Georgetown.

The Knights are currently selling ‘DEEDS’ which give you ownership to one square of land at the Knights home for one hour, during which time, the Great Grand Sheep Pebbles Land Rush will take place. As part of the Now and Then Festival, several sheep will be release into a large pen with line squares. Well, if a sheep leaves a gift in your square, you can win up to $500 on the spot! A fun event.

There will also be a number of games, events, music, hayrides, crafts, craft-making for kids, all kinds of events.

We’ll update this site with events an info this month.

To participate or to join our mailing list, click here to join our e-mail list.

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