Building Association – Knights Gift to the Community

Use of the Council Home

Our home is small but we make it available to many groups free of charge.

The council home located on 87 E. Main Street is available for all Knights and their familes for use, as well as individuals, groups, corporations and others who seek to use the facilities. The building is provided free of charge to community groups thanks to the generous donations may individuals and groups make to the Knights of Columbus Frank Meader Council 6064.
Please contact: Bert Hanlon, Grand Knight for more information.

Bob Gorton Receives a Lifetime Service Award at the 2019 Summer Celebration (cheered on by member Tim Crateau, Bruce Miller, and Paul Thompson)

The Kennedy Building Association is the group responsible for maintaining the Council Home.

While the Knights only use the building a dozen times a year, all the other days are made available as a charitable donation to various community groups, prayer groups, scouts, weight loss, and many other functions and groups.

Every member of the Council is a member of the building association. Please contact Lonnie Brennan or Bert Hanlon to help out.
It’s your facility. For your use and for the use of the community

What we need:

Paul Thompson Receives the Lifetime Service Award at the 2019 Council summer celebration

What we need:

People to MOW the lawns – always

People to help with snow and ice

People to plant things, spread mulch

Stain the picnic tables

Stain and maintain the back deck

Make donations of a roll of toilet paper or paper towels or dishsoap.

Come on in and just vacuum the place.

It’s your Council home. Bring the family down and help clean up a bit and spruce up a bit.

ANYONE HAVE ANY window dressings we can use for the attic windows?
Let Lonnie know. 352-5449.